Our Industry Experience

  • Agricultural – Swine Farming (Farrow to Finish), Chicken Quotas, Milk Quotas, Fertilizer Distributors and Manufacturers, Feed Distributors and Manufacturers
  • Automotive – Dealerships, Auto-Parts, Injection Moulding and OEM
  • Business Interruption Insurance Claims
  • Construction – Infrastructure, Subways and LRT, Hospitals and Vaccination Plants, Apartments, Condominiums, Servicing, Housing, Manufacturing Plants, General Contractors, Specialty Subcontractors and Service Providers, etc.
  • Education – Private Schools and Text Books, etc
  • Energy – Green Power, Oil and Gas
  • Financial Services – Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, Investment Managers, Hypothecators, Leasing and Mortgage Servicing

  • Food and Beverage – Specialty Products, Retailers, Food Processing, Tainted Food Claims and Franchises
  • Franchising – Franchisor, Franchisee and Arthur Wishart Act Claims in Various Industries
  • Government – Construction, Administrative Law, Medical and Business Loss
  • Healthcare, Including Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacies, Generics, Professional Practices, Bio-Tech, Medical Labs, Medical Suppliers, Nuclear Medicine, etc.
  • Hospitality - Travel companies, restaurants, etc.
  • Intellectual Property – Patents, Trademarks, Know-How, Copyright, etc.
  • Media and Entertainment – TV Channels and Pay TV Channels, Newspapers, Magazines, Libel and Defamation Claims, Content, etc.

  • Manufacturing – Corrugated Boxes, Packaging, Parts, Fabricators, Fixtures, Trucks and Equipment, etc. 
  • Mining – Gold
  • Professional Practices – Medical Clinics, Dental Practices, Veterinarian Practices, Law Firms, Engineering Firms, Physiotherapy and Rehab Clinics
  • Real Estate – Holdco’s, Self-Storage and Portfolio of Holdings, etc.
  • Retail and Consumer Products – Restaurants, Franchises, Book Distributor, Toy Distributors
  • Technology – Software, AI, Pharmaceuticals and Research
  • Transportation – Automotive, Vehicle and Trunk Rentals, Logistics and Trucking
  • Wholesalers and Distributors

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